We invite you to the SAME 12 conference in Rostock

The conference will take place in the “AudiMax” lecture hall on the  Campus of the University of Rostock (Ulmenstraße) in Rostock. The AudiMax is in short walking distance to the next urban railway station (S-Bahn station "Parkstraße") connecting Warnemünde and Rostock. The evening before, on Sunday 28th of August, you are invited to join our Icebreaker at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde located vis-à-vis the Baltic Sea. The conference dinner on Thurday will also take place in Warnemünde.


Photo by Universität Rostock/IT- und Medienzentrum

Local transport to Audimax: Take either the local train (S-Bahn) to the stop “Parkstraße” or the tram No. 6 to the stop “Parkstraße”.

Local transport to Warnemünde (Icebreaker, Conference Dinner): In Rostock City you can enter the local train (S-Bahn) at the stops “Hauptbahnhof”, “Parkstraße” or “Holbeinplatz”. Take the train to the final stop “Warnemünde” (take care not to mistake this stop with the previous one, called Warnemünde Werft). Please take a look at the map to get the directions to the IOW (Icebreaker) and Prager Bierstuben (Conference Dinner).


Ticket information

You can either buy single tickets (1.70 €) or a weekly pass (17 €). Single tickets have to be validated before you enter the train (orange boxes) for local trains (S-Bahn); and once inside for the trams. You can travel around Rostock City and to Warnemünde with these tickets.

Tickets can be bought at ticket machines of the Deutsche Bahn, at the tram stations at ticket machines (RSAG ticket machines) or inside the trams (single tickets only).


How to buy a ticket:

Deutsche Bahn ticket machines:
Choose Transport association Verkehrsverbund Warnow Rostock city entire HRO network → Weekly passes or Single journey

RSAG ticket machines:
Choose either Single ticket or Season tickets Rostock → 1 week Travel Card


Map for local transportation

Click here to see the trains, trams and buses map for Rostock.