There are four excursions available, all on Wednesday the 31st of August starting at 14:00.

  1. Visiting the Oceanographic Museum (Ozeaneum) in Stralsund
  2. Guided tour through Rostock’s old town
  3. Canoeing on the Warnow river
  4. Guided tour through the Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde  (IOW), including the Günter Grass exhibition housed there (free)

You can book the tours, pay and receive the tickets at the registration until 18:00 on Monday 29th of August. The fees will be charged at booking in cash (Euro). The guided tour through the IOW Günter Grass exhibition requires no registration.

Click here for a map-overview of the meeting places for the excursions.

Visiting the Oceanographic Museum (Ozeaneum) in Stralsund

This recently built oceanographic museum, with its impressive aquariums, lets you experience up close the marine life of the colder regions on earth, ranging from the Baltic to the North Polar Sea. The largest aquarium, containing 2.6 million litres of water, is a real highlight, harbouring inhabitants of the open Atlantic Ocean. In addition, you can visit the museums various exhibits on the ecosystem ocean.

To arrive, we will take a one-hour train ride to the historic hanseatic city of Stralsund. The museum is located within walking distance (20 min.) from the station. A guided tour of approximately one hour at the museum is included. Afterwards, there will be plenty of time to explore the museum on your own, as well as the beautiful old town of Stralsund. The trains back to Rostock leave at 17:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 (last train), giving you the opportunity to further explore the historic centre of Stralsund which is a UNESCO world heritage site and leave whenever you like.

Price: 25 Euro or 19 Euro (student) (including train rides, museum entrance and guided tour)

Meeting place and time: 14:00 at the Audimax Conference Hall or 14:30 at Rostock main station (platform 3)

Guided tour through Rostock downtown

Take the guided tour (approximately 1.5 hour) through the picturesque old town of Rostock, a hanseatic city with a rich history dating back to the 11th century, and learn more about it’s interesting past. We will visit the tower of the Petri church (built in 1252) from where you can have a wonderful view above the roofs of Rostock – if weather permits you may even see the Baltic Sea and Warnemünde.

Price: 7 Euro

Meeting place and time: 14:00 in front of the City Hall at "Neuer Markt" (which is also a tram stop) in Rostock

More information:

Canoeing on the Warnow River

Photo by Wikipedia/Botaurus

Rostock is located near the Warnow river which we can explore by canoe (approximately 2-3 hours). We will take you out to the nearby town of Pölchow and then make our way downstream towards Rostock. Don’t worry – you don’t need any experience to paddle this calm and broad stream. When we arrive in Rostock we will round off the trip with genuine German Bratwurst and beer.

Price: 25 Euro (including canoe trip, transportation and “Bratwurst” Cool)
Duration: you will return from the canoeing at around 19:00 followed by the barbecuing.

Meeting place and time: 14:00 in front of the City Hall at "Neuer Markt" (which is also a tram stop) in Rostock

The canoe tour is for maximum 50 people. As we are outdoors please make sure you bring something to drink for the canoeing.

Guided tour through IOW and Günter Grass exhibition (free)

Photo by Carlo Berg

Take a look at the Baltic Sea from a different perspective by visiting the Günter Grass exhibition in our institute. The exhibition combines an artist’s and a scientist’s perspectives on the Baltic Sea, including etchings and sculptures of the famous German author Günter Grass, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1999.

You can combine this with a visit to the beautiful Warnemünde beach or its old-town, both within easy walking distance (5min).

Price: free
You can participate in this excursion without prior registration.
Duration: 1.5 hours

Meeting place and time: 15:30 at the IOW in Warnemünde