Workshop Schedule

Sunday, August 11

18:45 h - Meeting at the entrance of the Intercity Hotel, Rostock

19:00 h - Icebreaker meeting in “Alter Fritz”, Warnowufer 65, 18057 Rostock

Monday, August 12

Meeting at the entrance of the Intercity Hotel, 08:45 h

Train departure Rostock Hbf (main station) 09:01 h, track 3

Arrival station Lauterbach Mole, boat transfer to Vilm 11:00 h and 11:25 h


12:30 h Lunch on Vilm

13:30 h - 13:45 h
Opening and workshop information

School on turbulent processes below the mesoscale:

13:45 h Bill Smyth Self-organized criticality and deep cycle turbulence in the equatorial Pacific
14:45 h Joseph LaCasce Predicting ocean currents using the surface quasi-geostrophic approximation
15:45 h Break  
16:15 h Dirk Olbers The energy balance of internal waves and the mixing model IDEMIX
17:15 h Burkhard Baschek Submesoscale Dynamics
18:15 h Dinner, spare time  

Tuesday, August 13

School on turbulent processes below the mesoscale:

09:00 h Charita Pattiaratchi Peddies (Petite Eddies): sub-mesoscale eddies along the continental shelf off south-west Australia


Session I (students short presentations, 6@20 mins): 10:00 – 11:00 h

10:00 h Liam Brannigan Do submesoscale flows shallow or deepen the mixed layer
10:20 h Brodie Pearson Pressure-strain correlations in Langmuir turbulence
10:40 h Nils Brüggemann A closure for submesoscale processes
11:00 h Break  

Session II (students short presentations, 3@20 mins): 11:30 – 12:30 h

11:30 h
Mahdi Mohammadi-Aragh
The physical properties of submesoscale eddies regarding to
different advection schemes
11:50 h
Hannah Kleppin
Cyclonic favour of submesoscale vortices
12:10 h
Bieito Fernandez-Castro
Patterns of ocean microstructure turbulence, diffusivity parameterization
and nutrient fluxes during the Malaspina 2010 expedition
12:30 h


Session III (students short presentations, 3@20 mins): 13:30 – 14:30 h

13:30 h Stefan Kraatz
A hydrodynamic model of the Black Sea- Azov Sea using adaptive vertical coordinates
13:50 h Janna Köhler
Temporal variability in the internal wave field and associated mixing
in the Atlantic Deep Western Boundary Current
14:10 h Sören Thomsen
The role of meso- and submesoscale processes for the near coastal oxygen supply
into the oxygen minimum zone off Peru.
14:30 h Coffee and Nature

Session IV (students short presentations, 5@20 mins): 16.00 – 17:40 h

16:00 h
Johannes Becherer
Lateral circulation in control of vertical stratification in a highly energetic estuary
with a small longitudinal density gradient
16:20 h
Jurre de Vries
Spring-neap tidal variability of turbulence characteristics in a partially stratified estuary:
the Marsdiep basin, the Netherlands
16:40 h
Kaveh Purkiani
A three-dimensional model study on processes of stratification and de-stratification
in a tidally energetic estuary
17:00 h
Anne-Christin Schulz
Turbulence producing processes in a tidal channel
17:20 h
Villu Kikas
Mesoscale and submesoscale variability in the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea) as revealed
by autonomous in-situ observations
18:00 h


Wednesday, August 14

School on turbulent processes below the mesoscale:

09:00 h Carsten Eden A framework for energetically consistent ocean models
10:00 h Coffee Break  


Session V (presentations, 3@30 mins): 10:30 h – 12:00 h

10:30 h Erich Becker
Indications of upper tropospheric stratified turbulence in a high-resolution mechanistic
general circulation model
11:00 h
Hans Burchard
Generation of Bulk Shear Spikes in Shallow Stratified Tidal Seas
11:30 h Ulf Gräwe
Particle tracking at baroclinic barriers: Why the Euler-scheme is not enough
12:00 h Lunch


Session VI (presentations, 3@30 mins): 14:00 – 15:30 h

14:00 h Federico Roman A high resolution model for sea coastal flow
14:30 h Knut Klingbeil Analysis of spurious dissipation and mixing in mesoscale and submesoscale simulations
15:00 h Robert Hetland Submesoscale eddies along the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River plume front
15:30 h
Coffee Break  


Session VII (presentations, 4@30 mins): 16:00 – 18:00 h

16:00 h Matias Duran-Matute Residual circulation and fresh water distribution in the Dutch Wadden Sea
16:30 h Fateme Chegini High resolution modeling of the Caspian Sea summer upwelling
17:00 h Damien Bouffard Oxygen depletion and vertical fluxes in a large and shallow stratified lake
17:30 h Iossif Lozovatsky The TKE dissipation in the upper pycnocline and on the shelf of the northern South China Sea
18:00 h
20:00 - ??:?? h Workshop Party

Thursday, September 15

Session VIII (presentations, 3@30 mins): 9:00 – 10:30 h

09:00 h Tomas Torsvik Surface drifter experiments in Gulf of Finland, 2010 - 2013
09:30 h Germo Väli
The case studies of the summer upwelling events in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
High resolution optical and radar imagery display abundant mesosca
10:00 h Peter Holtermann
Studies of an ensemble tracer release in the Gotland Basin using a high resolution numerical model
of the Central Baltic Sea
10:30 h Lunch on Vilm  

Boat departure from Vilm 12:05 h and 12:30 h

Train departure from Lauterbach Mole 13:04 h

Train arrival at Rostock Hbf 14:55 h