Abstracts of the WTD 2007

At this page you'll find a list of the Short Abstracts for the Warnemünde Turbulence Days 2007.


  1. A.M. Al Raei , D. deBeer , M.E. Böttcher & T.G. Ferdelman 
    • “A Sulfate Microsensor for Profiling Environmental Biofilms”
  2. Mohammad Al-Najjar, Lubos Polerecky and Dirk de Beer 
    • “An approach to measure the flow of energy in photosynthetic microbial mats; tested on a synthetic film of Diatoms”
  3. Arneborg, L. 
    • “Tidal mixing in the deep basin of Gullmar fjord”
  4. Baeuerle, E.
    • “The sound of troubled water: Vibrations of and in spherical shells partly filled with water”
  5. Boehrer, B., C. von Rohden, J. Ilmberger, and M. Schultze
    • “Quantification of erosive processes at the halocline of a meromictic lake”
  6. Bonhomme C., Tassin B., Cuypers Y., Poulin M.
    • “Mixing in the lake water body of a deep meromictic Lake (Lake Pavin, France): Role of double-diffusive convection in the dynamics of mixing”
  7. Bouffard,D., and U. Lemmin
    • “Turbulent dissipation in the stratified Lake of Geneva forced by wind”
  8. Cédric Boulart, M. C. Mowlem, D. P. Connelly, J-P. Dutasta, C.R. German
    • “Low-cost high performance dissolved methane sensor for deep seas”
  9. Ian M. Brooks, Martin K. Hill, Sarah J. Norris, Barbara J. Brooks
    • “CLASP : An Optical Particle Counter for Eddy-Correlation Measurements of Sea-Spray Aerosol Fluxes”
  10. Bryant, L. D., and J.C. Little
    • “The Impact of Hypolimnetic Oxygenation on Oxygen, Iron and Manganese Cycling at the Sediment-Water Interface”
  11. Burchard, H., and L. Umlauf
    • “Impact of along-flow density gradients on sediment transport in estuaries (!), the Wadden Sea (!?) and in lakes (?)”
  12. Jesus Cisneros-Aguirre, et al.
    • “Real-time water quality monitoring network in the lagoon of Venice (Italy): fouling problems”
  13. Chubarenko, I., and N. Demchenko
    • “The transformation of one type of littoral circulation to another in a basin with sloping bottom while passing the temperature of maximum density”
  14. Feistel, R.
    • “Thermodynamics of water, vapour, ice and seawater”
  15. Golosov, S., I. Zverev, A. Terzhevik, and G. Kirillin
    • “On the effective thermal diffusivity in ice-covered lakes”
  16. Hoyer, A., J. Vidal, C. Escot, A. Basanta, E. Moreno-Ostos and F. J. Rueda
    • “The seasonal evolution of the functional structure of phytoplankton community in a Mediterranean reservoir: influence of external perturbations”
  17. Ilmberger, J., and C. von Rohden
    • “Investigation of Ground Water Interconnection and Vertical Transport in a Small Meromictic Mining Lake Using Background SF6.”
  18. Kirillin, G., S. Golosov, D. Mironov, C. Engelhardt
    • “Climate warming and shallow lakes: the role of bottom sediments and water transparency.”
  19. Lilover, M.-J.
    • “A cyanobacterial biomass prediction model for the Gulf of Finland based on a reduced number of input parameters”
  20. Lorrai, C., D. F. McGinnis, P. Berg, A. Brand, T. Edmonds, A. Wüest
    • “Eddy-correlation measurements in lakes and reservoirs”
  21. MacCready, P.
    • “Energetics of a River Plume”
  22. McGinnis, D. F., C. P. Holzner, R.Kipfer, and A. Wüest
    • “Vertical methane fluxes in the Black Sea”
  23. Katja Metfies, Sonja Diercks, Linda Medlin, Friedhelm Schröder
    • A Nucleic Acid Biosensor for the Monitoring of Marine Phytoplankton ”
  24. Mironov, D., E. Heise, E. Kourzeneva, B. Ritter, and N. Schneider
    • “Parameterisation of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Models”
  25. Mohrholz, V., H. U. Lass, and H. Prandke
    • “Estimation of TKE dissipation rate in an inflowing saline bottom plume using a PC-ADP”
  26. Gale, E., and Pattiaratchi, C.
    • “Hydrodynamics of Intermittently Closing and opening Lakes and Lagoons”
  27. Podsechin V., N. Filatov, T. Frisk, A. Terzhevik, Ä. Bilaletdin & A. Paananen
    • “Modelling circulation and sediment dynamics in Kondopoga Bay, Lake Onega”
  28. Thomas Badewien, Alexander Bartholomae, Axel Braun, Maik Grunwald & Rainer Reuter
    • “A time-series station in the Wadden Sea”
  29. Roskosch, A., J. Lewandowski, M. Hupfer, G. Nützmann
    • “Impact of Chironomus plumosus (L.) (Diptera: Chironomidae) on hydrodynamic transport and biogeochemical turnover in lake sediments”
  30. Andrew Ross, Bobby Pejcic, Peter Eadington, Emma Crooke, Chris Barton, Lech Wieczorek, Burkhard, Raguse, Mark Ogden, Mauro Mocerino, Murray Baker
  31. Rueda, F. J., S. G. Schladow, E. Chung, and W. E. Fleenor
    • “Mixing and stratification in lakes of varying horizontal length scales: the present and the future of the Salton Sea, USA”
  32. Schmid, M., N. Budnev, N. Granin, M. Schurter, M. Sturm. A. Wüest
    • “Advective deep-water renewal in Lake Baikal”
  33. Heinar Schmidt, Heinz-Detlef Kronfeldt
    • “Application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for In-Situ Detection of PAHs in Sea-Water ”
  34. Singleton, V. L., D. F. McGinnis, and J. C. Little
    • “Coupled bubble plume/reservoir model for hypolimnetic oxygenation: Full-scale equation”
  35. Stashchuk, N., and V. Vlasenko
    • “Generation of internal wave by a supercritical stratified plume”
  36. Stips, A., E. Garcia-Gorriz, K. Bolding
    • “Parameterizations of atmosphere-hydrosphere fluxes: An attempt to quantify uncertainty”
  37. Sutherland, B. R., J. R. Munroe, and D. A. Aguilar
    • “The Generation of Internal Waves from Turbulence and Shear”
  38. Mario Tamburri
    • “The Alliance for Coastal Technologies: a foundation for ocean sensing”
  39. Terzhevik, A., S. Golosov, A. Mitrokhov, N. Palshin, M. Potakhin, R. Zdorovennov, and G. Zdorovennova
    • “Some features of the vertical dissolved oxygen structure in shallow ice-covered lakes”
  40. Umlauf, L., V. Mohrholz, and L. Arneborg
    • “Boundary layer effects in topographically constrained bottom gravity currents”
  41. Vlasenko, V., and N. Stashchuk
    • “Three-dimensional dynamics of shoaling and breaking oceanic internal waves”
  42. von Rohden, C., and J. Ilmberger
    • “Vertical Transport in a Meromictic Mining Lake Studied with a SF6 Tracerexperiment”
  43. G. Xiong, Y. Luo and E. Maser
    • “Generation of a Comamonas testosteroni mutant as a biosensor”
  44. Yakushev, E. V., I. S. Kuznetsov, and O. I. Podymov
    • “Modeling of the influence of intrusions on the biogeochemical structure of the Seas with anoxic layers”
  45. Margaret J. Yelland, Robin W. Pascal, Peter Taylor, Ben I. Moat, Ingunn Skjelvan, Craig Neill
    • “High Wind Air-Sea Exchanges (HiWASE) - continuous air-sea turbulent flux measurements on the weather ship Polarfront.”
  46. M. J. Yelland, C. Gommenginger, R. W. Pascal, B. I. Moat and K. Bjorheim
    • “In-situ wave measurements at Station Mike.”
  47. Jesper Zedlitz
    • “Using XML-based formats for marine data”
  48. Zilitinkevitch, S.
    • “A minimal energy- and flux-budget (EFB) turbulence closure model for stably stratified sheared flows”
  49. Zuelicke, C., and D. Peters
    • “Generation and propagation of inertia-gravity waves in the atmosphere (in analogy to the ocean)”
  50. Zuelicke, C.
    • “The impact of surface active films on waves and gas exchange”