Abstracts of the WTD 2003

At this page you'll find a list of the Short Abstracts for the Warnemünde Turbulence Days 2003.


  1. M.J. Howarth and A.J. Souza
    • “Reynolds stress observations in continental shelf seas”
  2. Dmitrii Mironov
    • “Convective mixing in lakes: measurements, numerical simulation and bulk modelling”
  3. T. Nagai, H. Yamazaki, and H. Nagashima
    • “Field and Numerical Study on the Deepening of Diurnal Mixing Layer”
  4. Ryuichi Nagaosa, Robert A. Handler, and Guttorm Alendal
    • “A numerical study on upper-ocean turbulent boundary layer driven by shear stress at an air-water interface”
  5. E. Napolitano, S. Marullo, and R. Santoleri
    • “Mixed layer physical-biological studies in Eastern Mediterranean Sea”
  6. Yiannis Alex. Papadimitrakis
    • “On the probability of wave breaking in deep waters”
  7. Franz-Josef Lübken and Markus Rapp
    • “In-situ measurements of turbulence in the upper atmosphere”
  8. Adolf Stips, Karsten Bolding, Hans Burchard, Tobis Jonas, and Alfred Wuest
    • “Simulation of quasi shear-free convection in a small lake: Buoyant production and dissipation of TKE”
  9. Lars Umlauf and F. Jacobitz
    • “The effects of vertical and horizontal shear on turbulence in natural waters”
  10. Jens Wyrwa
    • “Evaluating the k-epsilon turbulence model within suspended sediment transport simulations”
  11. Hidekatsu Yamazaki, H. Li, and Fabian Wolk
    • “Microscale fluorescence signals in the ocean”
  12. Christoph Zuelicke
    • “Air-Sea Fluxes including the effect of the molecular skin layer”