Abstracts of the WTD 2005

At this page you'll find a list of the Short Abstracts for the Warnemünde Turbulence Days 2005.


  1. Barone B.(1), V. Botte(2), P. Mariani(1-3), M.G. Mazzocchi(1) and M. Ribera d'Alcala'(1)
    • “A modelistic study on the trade-off between feeding and predation risk for plankton organisms at different mixing rates.”
  2. Helmut Z. Baumert
    • “Simulating photoadaptivity by means of Fokker-Planck equations, with applications to freshwater lakes and reservoirs”
  3. Linda Bolli, Gisela Llaveria, Kees van Lenning, Esther Garcés, Francesc Peters and Elisa Berdalet
    • “Ecophysiological response of Alexandrium catenella to small-scale turbulence”
  4. Hans Burchard, Lars Umlauf, Thomas Neumann, Andreas Meister and Karsten Bolding
    • “General Ocean Turbulence Model (GOTM): Recent advances and future plans”
  5. D'Ambrosio A.(1), V. Botte(2), D. Iudicone(1), A. Provenzale(3) and M. Ribera d'Alcala'(1)
    • “Phytoplankton in a turmoil: the effect of almost-neutral buoyancy”
  6. E. I. Debolsakaya, E.V. Yakushev, I.S. Kuznetsov,
    • “Turbulence effect on formation of anoxic conditions in the Sea of Azov”
  7. E.I.Debolskaya
    • “Turbulent structure of ice covered flows according to field observations and experimental data”
  8. Esposito S.(1), V. Botte(2), C. Brunet(1), C. Dimier(1), D. Iudicone(1), G. Lacorata(3) and M. Ribera d'Alcala'(1)
    • “Comparing phytoplankton photophysiological responses in the mixed layer through two different approaches”
  9. Jason Holt, Lars Umlauf, Roger Proctor, Icarus Allen, Alex Souza, Francis Gilbert, Mike Ashworth
    • “High resolution coupled physics-ecosystem modelling on the North West European Shelf: model validation and the sensitivity to SPM and vertical mixing parameterization”
  10. Houshuo Jiang(1), Thomas R. Osborn(2) and Charles Meneveau(3)
    • “Hydrodynamics of Copepods”
  11. A. Lorke(1), F. Peeters(1), and A. Wüest(2)
    • “Breathing sediments: The dynamics of sediment-water oxygen fluxes”
  12. Thomas Neumann and Wolfgang Fennel
    • “A method to represent vertical migration of zooplankton in 3D-Eulerian models”
  13. W.A.M. Nimmo Smith
    • “3D Flow Visualisation in the Bottom Boundary Layer of the Coastal Ocean”
  14. Yiannis Papadimitrakis
    • “Temporal and spatial scales of lake processes”
  15. Francesc Peters
    • “Turbulence as a modulating factor in the dynamics of marine ecosystems”
  16. J. Piera, R. Quesada, and J. Catalan
    • “Non-local turbulent mixing models: empirical parameterization and potential applications for modeling.”
  17. Tom Rippeth
    • “Vertical Mixing in seasonally stratified continental shelf seas”
  18. Oliver N. Ross and Jonathan Sharples
    • “Phytoplankton Motility and the Competition for Nutrients at the Thermocline”
  19. Jens Schafstall, Marcus Dengler, Peter Brandt and Hermann Bange
    • “Diapycnal mixing processes in the Mauritanian upwelling region.”
  20. Francois G Schmitt and Laurent Seuront
    • “Impact of turbulent intermittency on plankton dynamics ”
  21. Jürgen Sellschopp
    • “High-resolution observations of mixed-layer structure with towed CTD chains”
  22. Daniela Staginnus, Heiner Fabian and Franciscus Colijn
    • “Effects of small scale turbulence on growth of phytoplankton species”
  23. Adolf Konrad Stips and Madis-Jaak Lilover
    • “Estimation of turbulent nutrient fluxes and their influence on cyanobacterial bloom”
  24. Luca A. van Duren(1), Phil J. Wiles(2), Luis Fernandes(3), Jens K. Petersen(4), Hans Burchard(5), John H. Simpson(2), Tom Ysebaert(1) and Peter M.J. Herman(1)
    • “Large-scale advection and small-scale turbulent mixing in mussel-dominated estuaries”
  25. André W. Visser
    • “Lagrangian modelling in a planktonic landscape”
  26. Philip Wiles, John H Simpson, Tom P Rippeth
    • “Measurement of Mixing Using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs)”
  27. A. Wüest, M. Schmid and B. Müller
    • “The entire lifetime of a double-diffusive staircase the peculiar example of Lake Nyos, Cameroon”
  28. Hidekatsu Yamazaki
    • “Enhanced magnification of fluorescence field in oceanic turbulence”