Abstract: Observation of Internal Waves in a stratified flow



Authors: R.Buettner, M.Brede, A.Leder

Within the framework of the International Leibniz Graduate School for Gravity Waves and Turbulance in the Atmosphere and Ocean the Chair of Fluiddynamics is performing experiments for a better understanding of the turbulance generated by the breaking of Internal Waves.

The experimental facility which will be used allows the generation of stratified fluid flow with a stable 2-layer stratification. This will enable the in situ observation of propagating Gravity Waves with a constant background shear which is particularly interesting for the atmospherical science and oceanography because the atmosphere and the ocean themselves exhibit stratified flow. The experimental facility is equipped with high resolution measurement devices as Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence and Particle Image Velocimetrie (PIV). Stereo PIV and Laser Doppler Anemometry are available as well.

A generator for gravity waves is currently under construction. Subsequently the wave generation with controlled parameters will allow a variety of experiments: It is planned to explore the interaction of gravity waves and ascending slopes, the flow over a threshold or the breaking of chirped waves.