Abstrat: Turbulent mixing processes behind a cylinder in density driven gravity currents - Numerical experiments with RANS equations



Authors: Stefan Schimmels & Mark Markofsky

The presentation is about one of the working packages of the QuantAS-Off project. It is the first time that detailed numerical simulations of the flow of a density driven gravity current around a cylinder on a local scale (some cylinder diameters) were performed. The goals of the project were

  • to find appropriate numerical methods for the simulations
  • to provide data for the parameterization and calibration of large scale numerical models
  • to assess the amount of entrainment induced by a circular cylinder for typical situations in the Baltic Sea

The governing parameters of the flow are the cylinder Reynolds number, the densimetric Froude number, the Ekman number and the ratio of cylinder diameter to current depth. Results for cylinder induced entrainment with and without Coriolis forces will be presented in terms of the governing parameters. Finally, the impact of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines in the Baltic Sea will be quantified.