Time Series Analysis and Modelling of Environmental Data

September 13-17, 2009

Location: Seili, Finland

Time series analysis and modelling are important to the understanding of processes within ecosystems. Today numerous time series as well as statistical methods are available. However the knowledge of how to apply these methods and models to the data at hand is often meagre. This workshop aims at filling this gap by teaching PhD students a number of modern techniques and tools useful for time series analysis and modelling. Among these will be:

  • Bayesian Modelling
  • Recurrence Quantification Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Transfer Function Modelling
  • Non-linear Methods
  • Self-organized Maps
  • Empirical Orthogonal Functions
  • Statistical Downscaling
  • Principal Oscillation Patterns

This workshop has kindly been funded by the BONUS+ EEIG Secretariat which is greatly acknowledged.

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