Lagoon Ecosystem Modelling (ECOPATH/ECOSIM): From Hydrodynamics to Fisheries

June 21- 23, 2011, University of Klaipeda

In the framework of the BONUS+ Project AMBER (Assessment and Modelling Baltic Ecosystem Response) a workshop will take place for Ph.D. students from countries around the Baltic Sea. The students should become familiar with fundamental principles of modelling and should learn the application of ECOPATH/ECOSIM to a given data set and the development of sustainable fisheries.

Philosophy of modelling, numerical nitti gritti, model construction, types of models, hydrodynamical and ecosystem Models, Application of ECOPATH and ECOSIM

Joachim W Dippner
Ali Ertürk
Arturas Razinkovas
Georg Umgiesser
Petras Zemlys

Deadline for application has passed. 

Dr. Arturas Razinkovas
and Dr. Joachim W Dippner


Report and Lectures of the Workshop for download:




Introduction to numerical modelling (J.W. Dippner)

A gentle introduction to numerical modeling (G. Umgiesser)

Linking hydraulic circulation and biogeochemical models: example from the
Curonian lagoon (P. Zemlys)

Derivation of Basic Transport Equation (A. Ertürk)

Linking NPZD Models to ECOPATH/ECOSIM (A. Ertürk)

What are the ECOPATH/ECOSIM? (A. Razinkovas–Baziukas)

Running ECOPATH (A. Razinkovas-Baziukas)

LIMOD (I. Putnis G. Rubene)


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