Baltic Sea paleoenvironments – proxies and models

All studies dealing with the development of the Baltic Sea Basin are welcome under this theme. Special emphasis will be on initial results from the Baltic Sea IODP 347 expedition and its post-cruise work as well as on integrated sediment proxy and ecosystem modeling studies, chronostratigraphic issues, and proxy calibration work.

Sea level change and coastal processes

This theme addresses natural and anthropogenic derived coastal processes along the Baltic Sea coast. Contributions on recent coastal dynamics as well as long-term postglacial changes related to glacio-eustatic processes and their impact on coastal societies are welcome.

Sediment and habitat mapping of the sea floor

This theme explores geological/sedimentological and biological mapping efforts in the Baltic Sea area developing towards habitat mapping and functional assessments of sea floor sediments. The manifold interactions between biosphere and lithosphere are highlighted under this theme.

Anthropogenic impact / hazardous substances

This theme covers geological investigations in the Baltic Sea area that are related to coastal engineering and offshore construction but also promotes topics related to the fate of anthropogenic introduced pollutants and hazardous substances on the Baltic Sea seafloor.