May 26 (Chair: Megan Williams)

Debora Bellafiore, Christian Ferrarin, Arnoldo Valle Levinson, Luca Zaggia, Francesco Maicu, Giuliano Lorenzetti, Giorgia Manfè, Francesca De Pascalis, Georg Umgiesser (ISMAR-CNR, Venice, Italy: "Evidences on saltwater intrusion in a climate change impacted multiple-mouth delta: the Po Delta case" [video]

Alexander Osadchiev (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation): "Large river plumes and large-scale freshwater transport in the Eastern Arctic" [paper] [paper] [paper] [video]


May 12 (Chair: Sarah Giddings)

Bram van Prooijen, Lodewijk de Vet and Irene Colosimo (TU Delft / Deltares): "The impact of wind on tidal flats: temporal and spatial differences" [paper] [paper] [paper] [video]

Hui Wu (State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University): "Beta-plane arrested topographic wave as a linkage of open ocean forcing and mean shelf circulation" [paper] [video]


April 28 (Chair: Cecilia Enriquez)

Kelsey A. Fall, Carl T. Friedrichs, Grace M. Massey, David G. Bowers and S. Jarrell Smith (Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point, VA, USA): "The importance of organic content to fractal floc properties in estuarine surface waters: Insights from video, LISST, and pump sampling" [video]

Ernesto Molinas, Juliane Castro Carneiro, Susana Vinzon (Ocean Engineering Program, COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): "Internal tides as a major process in Amazon continental shelf fine sediment transport" [video]


April 14 (Chair: Alex Souza)

Jessica S. Turner, Pierre St-Laurent, Marjorie A. M. Friedrichs, & Carl T. Friedrichs (Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary, Gloucester Point, Virginia, USA): "Impacts of reduced shoreline erosion on estuarine water clarity: a Chesapeake Bay modeling study" [video]

Rob Hetland (PNNL): "Frontal maintenance" [video]


March 31 (Chair: Han Winterwerp)

Xaver Lange, Knut Klingbeil and Hans Burchard (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, Rostock, Germany): "Inversions of estuarine circulation are frequent in a weakly tidal estuary with variable wind forcing and seaward salinity fluctuations" [paper] [paper] [video]

Yoeri M. Dijkstra and Henk M. Schuttelaars (TU Delft, The Netherlands): "A unifying approach to subtidal salt intrusion modelling in tidal estuaries" [paper] [video]


March 17 (Chair: Isabel Jalón-Rojas)

Wang, J., H.E. de Swart, and Yoeri M. Dijkstra (Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht, Utrecht University, The Netherlands): "Sensitivity of tide and river water transport distribution in an estuarine tidal network to river discharge, tidal forcing, channel geometry and sea level rise" [video]

Alexander E. Yankovsky, Diane B. Fribance, Douglas Cahl, and George Voulgaris (University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA): "Offshore spreading and mixing of a supercritical plume under upwelling wind forcing: a case study of the Winyah Bay outflow" [video]


March 3 (Chair: Carl Friedrichs)

Md. Wasif-E-Elahi, Isabel Jalón-Rojas, Xiao H. Wang, Elizabeth A. Ritchie, "Tidal-fluvial interaction in a delta exposed to high seasonal runoff" [video]

Henk M. Schuttelaars, Dennis D. Bouwman, Yoeri M. Dijkstra (TU Delft, The Netherlands): "Spring-neap variations in sediment trapping in tide-dominated estuaries: the role of the bottom pool" [video]


February 17 (Chair: Parker MacCready)

Hans Burchard (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, Germany), "A universal law of estuarine mixing" [paper] [paper] [video]

Charita Pattiaratchi (University of Western Australia), "Resonance effects between ocean and atmosphere" [paper] [video]


February 3 (Chair: Rocky Geyer)

Andrew C. Ross, Raymond G. Najjar, and Ming Li: "A Metamodel-Based Analysis of the Sensitivity and Uncertainty of the Response of Chesapeake Bay Salinity and Circulation to Projected Climate Change" [video]

MacCready, P., R. M. McCabe, S. A. Siedlecki, M. Lorenz, S. N. Giddings, J. Bos, S. Albertson, N.S. Banas, and S. Garnier: "Estuarine Circulation, Mixing, and Residence Times in the Salish Sea" [video]


January 20 (Chair: Henk Schuttelaars)

Isabel Jalón-Rojas and Bruno Castelle: "Influence of climate variability on estuarine freshwater input across Western Europe: first insights toward the prediction of estuarine physical parameters". [video] [paper]

Rocky Geyer: "The spring-neap cycle of straining and mixing in a partially mixed estuary". [video]


January 6 (Chair: Hans Burchard)

Huayang Cai: "Quantifying the impacts of human interventions on the tide-river dynamics in river deltas". [video]

N. B. Basdurak, J. L. Largier and N. J. Nidzieko: "Modeling the dynamics of small-scale river and creek plumes in tidal waters" [video][paper][abstact]


December 9 (Chair: Rob Hetland)

Jack McSweeney, Melanie R. Fewings, Jim Lerczak, and Jack Barth: "The evolution of a northward propagating buoyant coastal plume after a wind relaxation event" [video]

Benjamin Jacob, Wei Chen, Joanna Staneva, Thomas H. Badewein, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, and Emil Stanev: "Secondary circulation in tidal inlets and straits" [video] [paper]


November 25 (Chair: Julie Pietrzak)

Preston Spicer, Kelly L. Cole, Kimberly Huguenard, Daniel G. MacDonald, and Michael M. Whitney: "The Effect of Bottom – Generated Tidal Mixing on Tidally Pulsed River Plume" [video] [paper]

Marvin Lorenz, Knut Klingbeil and Hans Burchard: "Impact of evaporation and precipitation on estuarine mixing relations" [video]
[paper] [paper]


November 11 (Chair: Bob Chant)

Emily Lemagie, Anthony Kirincich, Steve Lentz: "The summer heat balance of the Oregon inner shelf over two decades". [paper] [paper] [video]

Dante M. L. Horemans, Yoeri M. Dijkstra, Henk M. Schuttelaars, Patrick Meire and Tom J. S. Cox: "Unraveling the Essential Effects of Flocculation on Large-Scale Sediment Transport Patternsin a Tide-Dominated Estuary". [paper] [video]


October 28 (Chair: Chari Pattiaratchi)

Xiangyu Li, Rocky Geyer, "The Competition between Straining and Mixing in Controlling Estuarine Stratification". [Paper] [Video]