October 28 (Chari Pattiaratchi)

Xiangyu Li, Rocky Geyer, "The Competition between Straining and Mixing in Controlling Estuarine Stratification".

Huayang Cai: "Quantifying the impacts of human interventions on the tide-river dynamics in river deltas".


November 11 (Chair: Bob Chant)

Emily Lemagie, Anthony Kirincich, Steve Lentz: "The summer heat balance of the Oregon inner shelf over two decades".

Dante M. L. Horemans, Yoeri M. Dijkstra, Henk M. Schuttelaars, Patrick Meire and Tom J. S. Cox: "Unraveling the Essential Effects of Flocculation on Large-Scale Sediment Transport Patternsin a Tide-Dominated Estuary".


November 25 (Chair: Julie Pietrzak)

Preston Spicer, Kelly L. Cole, Kimberly Huguenard, Daniel G. MacDonald, and Michael M. Whitney: "The Effect of Bottom – Generated Tidal Mixing on Tidally Pulsed River Plume"

Marvin Lorenz, Knut Klingbeil and Hans Burchard: "Impact of evaporation and precipitation onestuarine mixing relations"


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