Work Package 5: Project Management

Work package number: 5
Work package coordination: 1, 2
Work package title: Project Management


The objectives of this workpackage are to:

  • Organize close liaisons among workpackages to help ensure successfully completion of ECODRIVE project goals including all milestones and deliverables
  • Communicate with national funding agencies and the European Commission and disseminate information gleaned from the WPs to a wide a range of audiences including specific, experts groups.

Description of work

Task 5.1 Activities

Various aspects of project management will be included in this workpackage.


  1. establishment and conducting hierarchical project organisation and decision making structures that ensure proper management of WPs,
  2. monitoring activities relative to the workplan/schedule,
  3. ensuring information flows in accordance with the project plan, within and among WPs,
  4. providing quarterly progress reports to the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC),
  5. organising committee meetings and
  6. reporting to EU Commission and Federal (German and Norwegian) funding agencies.

Task 5.2

Dissemination and External Communication of ECODRIVE will help ensure that project results are available to a wide range of audiences.


Highlight and publicize activities within ECODRIVE including the organization of at least one expert workshop and a final conference symposium. A project website will be established and administered. A CD-Rom and a brochure will be created that summarize the results contained within the final project report as well as the scientific publications and presentation at international scientific meetings that have accrued during the 3-yr project lifetime. Finally, a set of proceedings will be prepared and placed on the website for download. Final proceedings will also be available on CD and in a brochure. More information is outlined within section VIII (Project Management).