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Offers for School Students

Offers for school students

The IOW offers school students with an interest in MINT subjects several opportunities to get a first taste of Baltic Sea research. Also, teacher training is available.

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Warnemünde Evenings*

Warnemünder Abende

Every summer, IOW scientists give talks to invite everybody interested in the Baltic Sea on an exciting discovery trip into the world of their current research. Admission is free.

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Baltic Sea Research Villa

Baltic Sea Research Villa

The exhibition "Baltic Sea Research Villa" presents itself as an interactive Baltic Sea excursion and research trip. It is open on Wednesdays from 1 pm to 3 pm. Admission is free.

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Whether it's the world's oceans or the Baltic Sea on our doorstep – here you will find interesting, entertaining, and instructive information on the subject of the sea:

The Profile of the Baltic Sea provides basic information about one of the world’s largest brackish seas. In the section Current data you can check out data, which are being recorded live right this moment at three different locations in the middle of the Baltic Sea by the fully automated MARNET measuring stations maintained by the IOW. Or have a look at the History of the Baltic Sea* that has left its traces in the marine sediments, which are being studied at the IOW. Our Offers for School Students particularly provide young people with many opportunities to get a taste of the world of marine research. Baltic Sea for the Curious offers interesting facts about the IOW, the Baltic Sea and other seas. The Fact Sheets* provide compact information on the special characteristics and problems of the Baltic Sea. You can also ask your very specific Questions about the Sea* or browse previous answers. Or you can come to the next Baltic Sea Day* and ask the experts from four leading Baltic Sea research institutes in person. Have you always wanted to know what working on board a research vessel looks like? Then go With us at Sea* and get to know marine research on board the research vessels SONNE, METEOR, MARIA S. MERIAN and Co.

*Information only available in German

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Baltic Sea Day*

Every two years, IOW, BSH, TI-OF, and the Meeresmuseum Stralsund join forces. »


With us at sea*

Scientists of the IOW report about life on board. »


Questions about the sea*

Ask your own specific questions or browse previous answers.  »


Interesting Facts


Current data

Measured at the MARNET stations »

Digitale Topografie der Ostsee

Profile of the Baltic Sea

Here you will find basic information about one of the largest brackish water seas in the world. »


History of the Baltic Sea*

The history of the Baltic Sea is documented in sediments that are studied at the IOW. »


Fact Sheets*

Compact information on the peculiarities and problems of the Baltic Sea »


Baltic Sea for the Curious

Interesting facts about the IOW, the Baltic Sea and other seas »