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Educational programs

(for students)

Warnemünde student week

Twice per year, IOW invites senior high school classes to participate in Baltic Sea research. (Since we have only a limited number of spaces available, interested teachers are asked to reserve space early for their classes.)

Student internships

IOW offers internships to interested Grade 9 students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Integration of the internship into the school curriculum (please submit documentation from the school) or proof of private accident insurance;
  2. A particular interest in marine research (please describe in writing);

Please submit applications to IOW’s personnel officer or to the secretary of the particular section with which you wish to intern.


Introduction to scientific research

Students in grades 5 and 6 from Warnemünde’s Ecolea School take water samples from the Alte Strom under the supervision of marine biologist Dr. Lutz Postel to determine the prevalence of the jellyfish Mnemiopsis leidyi.

Participation in youth research

Since February 2008, a student from an inner-city high school in Rostock has been taking CO2 samples in coastal waters under the supervision of marine chemist Dr. Bernd Schneider. The goal of the project is to use CO2 levels to calculate phytoplankton primary production.


Warnemünde evenings

During the summer months, IOW offers its popular-science lecture series “The Baltic and Other Seas.”


As “beach reading,” IOW offers its occasional newsletter “Ostseesplitter: Anecdotes from Baltic Sea Research.”

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