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The Live Access Server (LAS) of the IOW

General information

Welcome to the Live Access Server of IOW. This server delivers a couple of data sets of different origin and purpose. The intension is to simplify data exchange and usage. Hence, the imaging tools are mostly to get an overview over the properties of the delivered data sets. The data can be also downloaded in several formats. This makes further processing easy. Please reference the data source, if you find the data suitable for your research or educational work. You will find the required information with the dataset description. Please consider also the IOW data protection statement and disclaimer, which can be found below.

LAS and the underlying data processing and visualisation tool FERRET are products of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

Legal Notice: [Data Protection Statement] [Disclaimer]

If something goes wrong

If something does not work, please be patient. Java is not a high speed language, also the network may be overloaded. Consider also, that some datasets are really huge. Please do not repeat requests rapidly. This may overload the server instead of giving speed. If a timeout occurs, please retry, probably data are read from disk and are ready for use in the servers memory now. If a java error occurs, retry also. However, it may happen, that the server dies. In this case you will be confronted with repeated java errors. The server will be restarted automatically after one hour. So please wait one hour and try again. It is also recommended, to restart your session in the case of serious errors. Please be aware, that browsers use a cache and do not reload data in any case. If the error persists, please contact the servers administrator.

If the interactive map does not work, please check whether your browsers allows for java scripting. This is needed for the java map to choose your output region.

If you do not get any output, please enable "popup windows", because the output is written into a separate window. The Microsoft Internet Explorer writes a notification into the browser window header. You can also test your browser at Peter Koflers web page

With some browsers the java livemap does not work correctly. In this case a less comfortable fallback becomes active. You should try to activate the java map again, in some cases this helps.