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Zooplankton of the Open Baltic Sea: Extended Atlas

Life cycle of a Leptomedusae Obelia geniculata

This is the Second Edition (improved and extended) of the third volume in a series of zooplankton atlases of the Baltic Sea. It describes zooplankton community of the open Baltic waters, which is a mixture of marine species and diverse representatives of brackish water and limnetic faunas. Brief information on morphology and ecology of zooplankters, picture key to higher invertebrate taxa and methodological recommendations for sampling, identification and counting of zooplankton are provided. Two checklists present more than 1030 names of micro-, meso- and macrozooplankton organisms. The volume is enhanced by 4 tables, 31 line drawing, and 462 colour photographs. The photographs of zooplankters are combined into 63 photo plates depicting most common species of Protozoa (Ciliata), Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Turbellaria, Rotifera, Phyllopoda, Copepoda, Chaetognatha and Copelata, as well as meroplanktonic larvae of Polychaeta, Mollusca, Cirripedia, Bryozoa and Echinodermata. The atlas is recommended for university students, zoologists and aquatic ecologists who are investigating and monitoring the pelagic ecosystem of the Baltic Sea.