The Skipper... oceanographer...

Jens Müller started his scientific career as a chemistry student first in Berlin and then in Marburg. Only after finishing his bachelor, did he move to the coast. He first came into contact with marine research when he moved to Kiel, where he studied Biological Oceanography until 2012 at Geomar. With colleagues from the Alfred-Wegner Institute, he disappeared for a few months in the fjords of Patagonia for his Master’s thesis. Jens has been working as a doctoral student at the IOW since 2014, where he can combine his chemist and oceanographic knowledge. By “looking through CO2 glasses”, Jens tries to both understand the acidification of the Baltic Sea, as well as visualize plankton growth (for ex. Blue-green algal blooms).

…and sailor

It only took a few days for Jens, after moving to the coast in 2009, to have swaying ground under his feet for the first time. And his sailing passion has not subsided since then. He gathered the majority of his experiences in the “Akademischer Segler-Verein” in Kiel. There he started off simple with his first sailing adventures on a dinghy, only to build up this sailing career with weekend trips in the Danish sea, and later with offshore regattas in the Baltic. Before writing his pHD thesis, Jens decided to switch things up, and sailed on the ‘Peter von Danzig’ for ten months from Kiel across the Atlantic and back. As initiator and bosun for this trip, Jens learned the know-how for life on sea. He’s been sailing on his Tina V since 2015.