The Scientific Team

BloomSail isn’t a one-man show neither is Jens the only one who’s interested in cyano blooms and CO2 measurements in the Baltic Sea. This issue is too important for that! His work supplements and overlaps with those of other researchers. Here you will find an overview of the experts that Jens was able to bring on board:

Bernd Schneider

Dr. Bernd Schneider

Bernd has been around researching the Baltic Sea for a long time. In 2003, he added CO2 measuring devices on the voluntary observing ship Finnmaid, and could already observe a few cyanobacterial blooms with those measurements. The idea for BloomSail started while Jens and Bernd were discussing and working on the Finnmaid data for their newly published book “Biogeochemical Transformations in the Baltic Sea: Observations through Carbon Dioxide Glasses.”

Anna Rutgersson

Prof. Anna Rutgersson

Anna has been concerned with the CO2 gas exchange between the Baltic Sea and the atmosphere for a while. On Östergarnsholm, she runs an ICOS measuring station. Every time Jens sails back and forth from the base harbor Herrvik, he will pass through this station. Comparing between the observations in the overlap zone is fascinating for both sides.

Gregor Rehder

Prof. Gregor Rehder

Gregor is Jens’ supervisor and head of the research group Trace Gas Geochemistry at the IOW. He brought the BONUS Project INTEGRAL into being, and hired Jens as postdoc. They’ll be analyzing the BloomSail results together, and using the new insights to tweak the current biogeochemical models of the Baltic Sea.

Norbert Wasmund

Dr. Norbert Wasmund

Norbert is a worldwide renowned expert for cyanobacteria. Even with a glance through the microscope, he can distinguish among the different bacterial species. He won’t just help us in the BloomSail project by describing the intensity and distribution of the plankton bloom, but also by sorting the various organisms.