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Example simulations

BaTRE - Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea
Tracer Release
Experiment (BaTRE):
Spreading of an injected tracer
in the central Baltic Sea

Spreading of riverine nitrate - Baltic Sea

tl_files/forschung/forschungsprogramm/modellierung/bild_radtke.jpgA nutrient-tagging technique allows
to track e.g. nitrogen from different sources
in the ecosystem

PACE - North Sea

tl_files/forschung/forschungsprogramm/modellierung/PACE.JPGThe future of the Wadden Sea
sediment fluxes: still keeping
pace with sea level rise?
(BMBF funded project PACE).
Simulations of the entire Wadden Sea.

Modelling the Baltic Sea ecosystem

Using 3D-ecosystem modelling
to get the full picture