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Hypoxic and anoxic regions in the Baltic Sea, 2003

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Susanne Feistel, Rainer Feistel, Dietwart Nehring, Wolfgang Matthäus, Günther Nausch, Michael Naumann: Hypoxic and anoxic regions in the Baltic Sea, 1969 - 2015. Meereswiss. Ber., Warnemünde, 100 (2016) doi: 10.12754/msr-2016-0100

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The most important event for the Baltic Sea in 2003 was the intensive, cold and oxygen-rich inflow of Kattegat water in January terminating the stagnation period lasting since 1995 (FEISTEL et al., 2003c; NAUSCH et al., 2003b, PIECHURA & BESZCZYNSKA-MÖLLER, 2004). However, only half the amount of water and salt was transported during this MBI compared to 1993. The inflow had grasped the Bornholm Basin in February whereas the ventilation of the eastern Gotland Basin was recorded at the end of April. In May an O2 content of 3.96 ml/l could be measured near the bottom in the Gotland Deep (cf. Fig. 3) (NAUSCH et al., 2004).



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