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The German Alliance for Marine Research e.V. (Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung DAM) unites leading German marine research institutions, which support a sustainable use of oceans and seas with their research. Currently, 13 university and non-university research institutions are involved. The Federal German Government and the governments of the five North German states support the current process of establishing the alliance and generally promote the DAM. It is also supported by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres.
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The German Climate Consortium (Deutsches Klima-Konsortium e.V. - DKK) represents the essential parts of German climate and climate impact research. Under the guiding principle “Research for Society, Economy and the Environment”, DKK brings together twenty-one internationally renowned research organizations. Amongst them are Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Centres, Leibniz Institutes, a Higher Federal Authority, the German Climate Computing Centre as well as Universities. These organizations make an important contribution to recognize and respond to climate change and climate impacts.
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EuroMarine is a European marine science network of excellence with currently 59 member institutions. Funded by 7th European Framework Programme, it was designed as a bottom-up organization that gives a voice to the European marine scientific community. Its primary goals are to support the identification and initial development of important emerging scientific topics and associated methodologies in marine sciences, as well as to foster new services relevant to the marine scientific community.
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KDM - the German Marine Research Consortium is made up of fourteen institutions and universities of Germany in the field of marine and polar sciences as well as of coastal research. The members are part of a European and global network of such institutions. With approximately 2,200 scientists of basic and applied marine research, KDM provides comprehensive expertise to meet global challenges having to do with the sea and our environment.
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The association “Rostock denkt 365°” is aiming at promoting and advertising the city of Rostock as an important site of research and science. Members are various research institutions located within the Rostock region as well as representatives of economy, culture and politics.
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