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The NanoSIMS facility at the IOW is open to all scientific fields including external researchers. Before applying for analysis time please first have a look at the information provided by literature and on these webpages. Questions not answered by the provided information can be discussed with the lab manager Dr. Angela Vogts. A contribution to cover the running expenses is required. Pricelist and official regulations are availiable here (english version not yet availiable).

In order to get your samples analyzed please first provide a proposal covering the questions of the analysis request form. The NanoSIMS scientific board consisting of scientist of different scientific fields will decide about the project and a priority list for the forthcomming projects. The lab manager informs the customers about the decided proceeding within a month after submission of the request and will deal with the detailed anaylsis procedures (sample delivery, analysis time). With the samples a detailed description needs to be provided (sample description sheet).

Analyses will be performed by the operators of the NanoSIMS but customers can accompany the operator to discuss the analytical proceeding. Results are provided as files and/or analysis protocols. For data processing different programs can be used (see links). After the data was handed over, please return the post analysis form within 4 weeks to provide information about the success of the measurement.


Nutzungsordnung (english version not yet availiable)

  1. General information
  2. Analysis request
  3. Sample description sheet
  4. Post analysis


The instrument is busy with analyses for a few weeks to months in advance but we do our best to meet your needs. Please contact he lab manager Dr. Angela Vogts for details about potential analysis time. Applications for the analysis time can be handed in there, too.