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Summer School 2010 - Programme

The 2-week course will consist of lectures, lab work, coastal walks and a boat excursion, and will include various interactive elements like role-plays, preparation of a short climate change video, a bike trip (CC movie), poster preparations etc.

Please note: The course starts on Mon 6th and ends on Fri 17th. (Sun 5th is reserved for arrivals, Sat 18th for departures)


Download programme (pdf)

Climate Change - Global scenarios, models and consequences

  • Major global warming processes and future emission scenarios
  • Global climate models - uncertainties and problems
  • Climate variations - causes and future prognosis
  • Major global effects and consequences of Climate Change
  • An example: Consequences for oceans - Storms, waves and surges

Climate Change in the Baltic region: an Overview

  • Regional Climate Change models and prognosis
  • Climate Change effects in different Baltic regions

Climate Change and Marine Ecology

  • Introduction into the Baltic Sea ecosystem
  • Practical: Laboratory
  • Marine ecosystems: Function and behaviour, CC consequences
  • Coastal waters: Function and behaviour, CC consequences

Climate Change and Marine Chemistry

  • Characterisation of the marine CO2 system
  • The Baltic Sea carbon cycle
  • Anthropogenic perturbations (CC, acid rain, riverine alkalinity)
  • Practical exercise

Climate Change and River Basins

  • Water and nutrient fluxes in river basins - the global perspective
  • Water and nutrient fluxes in river basins - a regional Baltic example
  • Transformation processes and climate change: Socio-economic aspects
  • Changing river basin fluxes and their consequences for the sea
  • Practical: MONERIS and the Scenario-manager - a management tool

Climate Change and Ecosystem Modelling

  • Introduction to ERGOM and Climate Change simulations
  • Practical: The model ERGOM and its application

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Protection

  • The long-term history of the southern Baltic coastline (SINCOS)
  • From a global perspective to sea level rise along the southern Baltic Sea
  • Role play "public participation in coastal protection"
  • Adapting to sea level rise and local coastal protection measures
  • Walk "coastal protection in Warnemuende - planning for the future"

Baltic Sea Ship Cruise

  • Physical and biological measurements

Climate Change - Physics and Modelling

  • Marine and Baltic physics
  • Climate change impact on physical processes
  • Practical: GOTM modelling

Climate Change - Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • Mussel farming
  • Fisheries and aquaculture

Climate Change - Adaptation

  • Climate change adaptation - a role play
  • Regional adaptation in Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania
  • Land-use adaptation: new perspectives (lecture and practical)

Climate Change movie