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The staff of the administration support the Director and the scientific departments of the Institute in achieving their scientific goals, taking into account the legal, financial and personnel framework. In accordance with the requirements of a modern administration, the administration sees itself as a service department of the IOW in the following areas:

  • Finance (financial accounting, procurement, third-party funding management)
  • Personnel (personnel matters, law, organization)
  • Operating technology (building services, construction maintenance, vehicle fleet, guest rooms)

Administrative staff ensure that day-to-day research can run smoothly. The requirements of the federal and state governments are implemented accordingly.

General information

Head of administration
     Beatrix Blabusch
     Tel.: +49 (381) 5197-400

Assistants/fixed asset accountin
     Iris Finn
     Tel.: +49 (381) 5197-409

Area of responsibility and contact person

Head of financial unit
     Ilka Quade

Third-party funding management
     Christina Plothe
     Heike Christen

     Robert Zenner

     Diana Hoppe

Procurement/placing of orders
     Jane Schubert

Asset inventory
     Iris Finn

Head of personnel unit
     Nicole Heidenreich

Personnel matters
     Michaela Bade
     Andrea Grabinsky
     Sabrina Gratz
     Maria Schult
     Michele Simniok
     Susanne Stuhr

Travel expenses
     Marie-Christin Stübing

Head of operating technology unit
     Steffen Klingner

Guest rooms, fleet, postal services
     Diana Körner

Electrical/domestic engineering
     Jörg Leisner

Janitor services
     René Albrecht