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Science Management Unit

The Science Management Unit is directly assigned to the Director of the IOW. Its tasks include supporting and advising the institute´s management on strategic issues, quality management and the implementation of the research programme. These include, for example, professional reporting, advisory support for scientists in acquiring third-party funds and the further development of internationalisation. Technology transfer to ensure the efficient exploitation of IOW´s technological developments or knowledge transfer to transport the IOW´s research results into the public are also established at this unit.

The latter is done through press and public relations work as well as through public information events. Special emphasis is also placed on working with young people in pupil laboratories and student internships and on the development of teaching materials. In the public exhibition "Research Villa Baltic Sea", supervised by the staff unit, visitors can also find out about the special features of the Baltic ecosystem and the research work of the Institute.

General information

Head of the unit
     Dr. Matthias Premke-Kraus

Contact via secretariat of the director
     Ute Fensky
     Tel.: +49 (381) 5197-101
     Fax: +49 (381) 5197-105

Tasks & Contact Persons

Strategy development / 
quality management

     Dr. Matthias Premke-Kraus

public relations
     Dr. Kristin Beck
     Dr. Matthias Premke-Kraus

School Cooperations / 
Research Villa Baltic Sea
     Dr. Sven Hille

Technology transfer /
Guided tours of the institutes

     Dr. Regine Labrenz

IOW reporting /
performance data collection

     Hendrikje Wehnert

IOW Internal communication (IOWintern)
     Dagmar Amm

     Dr. Barbara Hentzsch