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Equal opportunity in the IOW

Equal rights between men and women and the work family balance are particular concern to the IOW. An internal Equal Rights Committee under the leadership of the director is concerned with acitivities to structural improvements that serve these two objectives. The Equal Opportunity  Officer of the IOW advised that process. She draws the attention of the commission for improvement situations, makes suggestions for implementation and is first contact person for all questions of equality in the IOW.

Parent-child office

Our parent-child office provides IOW employees with the opportunity to take care of their children, when needed.


Women's recreation room

The "Frauenruheraum" provides IOW employees with the possibility for a recovery break to increase their performance.


Child care

To ensure the participation of parents on IOW conferences and meetings, the IOW provides child care by the hour by a family service.

Contact: Equal Opportunity Officer

Organization: IOW

Baltic Gender

Baltic Gender, financed by EU in the framework of Horizon 2020, analyses the gender equality within the marine sciences in Europe and provides specific training for women from involved institutions.

Come back to research

The come back to research program provides support to young mothers who interrupted their academic career for family reasons, enabling them to continue their scientific work.


The IOW internal promoted mentoring-program is determined to support excellent female scientists in their postdoc / habilitation phase on their scientific career way to become professors or leaders to introduce them into subject-specific networks.