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Equal opportunity officer

The equal opportunity officer of the Institute is committed to the equality of women and men in human, social and organizational measures. Specifically, she participates in job interviews and supports there  the women’s interests. She advises female employees in individual questions of work family balance. Through close cooperation with other equality opportunity officers and contacts to Federal and State Conference of Gender Equality Delegates and the equal opportunities working group of the Leibniz Association, female scientists should be supported in search of appropriate scholarships, funding programs and networks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Equal opportunity officer

Dr. Marion Kanwischer

fon: 0381-5197-382

fax: 0381-5197-302


Deputy equal opportunity officer

Dr. Svenja Papenmeier

fon: 0381-5197-371

fax: 0381-5197-352