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Come back to research - Program description

"Come back to research" is a funding scheme to support female marine scientists who want to return to science after a family-related recess.

Eligible for funding are:

Case 1: 3 months (in exceptional cases 6 months) for finishing the dissertation supported by a scholarship of 800 euros per month

Case 2: 3 months to prepare a manuscript based on the result of the dissertation for the publication in a journal with peer-review-procedure with financial support of 1480 euros per month

Case 3: 6 months to prepare a third-party funding application supported by 1480 euros per month

In all 3 cases, the costs of participation in a conference relevant to the respective subject area will also be covered.


The condition for a funding is a career break of the applicant because of parenting and care of a child (maximum 5 years) and the dissertation, or in case 1 the diploma or master´s thesis was completed with a good grades.

In addition, in Case 1, the beginning of the dissertation must not be older than 5 years and the data collection must be completed. Furthermore, a letter from the supervisor is required in which a statement regarding the feasibility of completion within the eligibility period is taken.

In Case 3, the consent of the head of the section in which the research is to be carried out must be obtained if the application for a third party application is successful. Eligible to submit an application are former female IOW employees, PhD students or female scientists supervised by IOW scientists who would like to work at IOW in case of success.

What to submit:

Curriculum vitae, diploma certification, doctoral certification (Case 2, 3), 1 copy of the doctoral thesis (Case 2, 3), statement of the supervisor (Case 1 only), work and time schedule, project outline consisting of hypothesis, approach, methodology, preparatory work, goal, consent of the head of the department in which the project work is to be carried out (Case 3 only).


Applications are reviewed twice a year (January 31 and August 31).

Further information:

Dr. Matthias Premke-Kraus, Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung, Seestr. 15, D-18119 Rostock, Tel.: 0381 5197 102,