The 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress
“Living along gradients: past, present, future”

to be held on June, 12 – 16, 2017 in Rostock, Germany

hosted by the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research and the University of Rostock

The biennial Baltic Sea Science Congress (BSSC) was established 20 years ago, joining the research communities of Baltic Marine Biologists, Baltic Marine Geologists and the Conference of Baltic Oceanographers and is, until today, the main international forum addressing a broad interdisciplinary spectrum of Baltic Sea research.

Giving particular attention to the special characteristics of the Baltic Sea and comparable enclosed marine systems as well as to the challenges of an integrated management, the conference addresses four main session topics:
Session 1: Dynamics of gradient systems
Session 2: Processes that affect coastal sea systems
Session 3: Past and future changes
Session 4: Coastal seas and society

Four cross-cutting sessions will stimulate the scientific exchange of more specific topics:
Cross-cutting session 1: Hypoxia
Cross-cutting session 2: Major Baltic Inflows
Cross-cutting session 3: Monitoring / Observation / Assessment
Cross-cutting session 4: Influences of the catchment area

The “Joint Baltic Sea Research and Innovation Programme (BONUS)” supports the conference since 2009. Together with the BONUS secretariat, we will organize 3 generic side events during the BSSC2017: the BONUS Young Scientist Club; a "Technology for Science" workshop; a "Science meets Parliament" event. Further details will be announced in the 2nd circular.

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