BSSC2017 Session Topics

Session 3 (S3) Past and future changes

In this session, changes on time scales from interannual to millennial in the sea, atmosphere and land surface will be studied. Oceanographers, meteorologists, chemists, biologists, and geologists are invited to join this interdisciplinary session in order to present and discuss latest results from environmental reconstructions, observations, and models of the Baltic Sea for the past, present, and the future.
The session addresses the detection and attribution of observed and modeled changes in the Baltic Sea and its catchment with respect to

  • Changes in frequency and intensity in biogeochemical cyclicity;
  • Changes  in relative sea-level;
  • Changes in coastal morphogenesis;
  • Changes in biodiversity, including aspects of biological invasions.

Results from instrumental measurements and historical data as well as interpretations of proxy-data from sedimentary records are welcome.