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Current Measurements in the Eastern Gotland Basin of the Baltic Sea 1993 - 2008

Daily time series of current records are represented. They result from four research projects carried out by the Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde (IOW) in the Eastern Gotland Basin of the Baltic Sea between 1993 and 2008.

Used mechanical Aanderaa recording current meters (RCM) of the types RCM-7/8 offer a resolution of ± 1 cm/s while that of the electronic type RCM-9 is better by the factor of about three. Sampling intervals depended on particular project-tasks and varied between 1 minute (short-term records) and 1 hour (long-term records).
All plotted time-series are based on hourly vector averages of the zonal component (u, positive to the east) and the meridional current component (v, positive to the north).

Project campaign, mooring identifier, position, RCM-type, measuring horizon above the sea bed, recording length, and basic statistics provide an overview of data sets which are available via the given www-link .

Current meter deployment
current meter deployment