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Hypoxic and anoxic regions in the Baltic Sea, 2005

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Susanne Feistel, Rainer Feistel, Dietwart Nehring, Wolfgang Matthäus, Günther Nausch, Michael Naumann: Hypoxic and anoxic regions in the Baltic Sea, 1969 - 2015. Meereswiss. Ber., Warnemünde, 100 (2016) doi: 10.12754/msr-2016-0100

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The conditions in the deep basins were still coined of the aftereffects of the MBI in January 2003. However, the start of a new stagnation period could be stated. The deep water of the Bornholm Basin became anoxic with -3.12 ml/l H2S, highest ever observed (cf. Fig. 3). In the eastern Gotland Basin, the whole water column between 150 m and the bottom was anoxic. In the western Gotland Basin, no definite improvement of the situation could be stated (NAUSCH et al., 2006).



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