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The future of the Wadden Sea

Does more rain prevent it from drowning?


Autumn Gales Carried Oxygen into the Baltic

Since a decade, the first relevant salt water intrusion finally occurred.


Tracking down volatile mercury in the Atlantic

Marine chemists from Warnemünde identify unexpected places and seasons of higher emission.


Polar scientist takes charge at the IOW

This week, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bathmann took over as Director of the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde (IOW)


Deciphering the microbial world of the Baltic Sea

Marine scientists from Warnemünde succeed in deciphering the microbial world of the Baltic Sea


RV Maria S. Merian searching for potential methane sources in the Baltic Sea

Methane in coastal seas' sediments: Are they an additional peril for global climate or in a stable equilibrium


The Baltic Sea in the year 2100

IOW co-ordinates BONUS project AMBER