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Where the Baltic Sea touches the sky -
Air-Sea interaction in the Baltic Sea

With global warming and higher greenhouse gases in the air, scientists are interested to find out to what extent the oceans can eat up the gases to ease the climate change a bit. Can the oceans still absorb these gases or they are already exhausted? From June 30 to July 19, 2022, scientists from IOW and GEOMAR (Germany), University College London (UK) and University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (USA) came together on board RV Elisabeth Mann Borgese, research cruise EMB295, to investigate air-sea exchange of greenhouse gases after the spring productive period in the central Baltic Sea in the framework of the CenBase project (short for Central Baltic Sea Air-Sea Exchange Experiment). The researchers will execute a dual tracer experiment, perform direct eddy covariance (EC) flux measurements of CO2 and DMS, investigate the abundance and characteristics of surface active compounds, and determine surface turbulence by microstructure measurements. Continuous monitoring of the underway surface concentrations of the three major greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 and N2O will allow a comparison of flux estimates based findings during the cruise and the range of published parameterizations for these gases.

14.07 - 20.07.2022 – Surfactants are ubiquitous!

Dr. Helen Czerski from University College London with her special camera for watching bubbles

Scientists are concerned about surface active compounds (known as surfactants) in any air-sea exchange processes nowadays. During our ongoing research in the Baltic Sea, scientists from IOW and GEOMAR address the question of how surfactants in surface seawater control the rate at which carbon dioxide (CO2) and other climate active trace gases crosses the boundary between atmosphere and ocean.

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07.07 - 14.07.2022 – Hunting for k!

EC mast and team GEOMAR.

It is difficult to schedule finding something you have lost - this is how it goes when you introduce chemical tracers into the Baltic Sea to measure gas exchange.

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01.07 - 07.07.2022 – All about bubbles!

Dr. Helen Czerski from University College London with her special camera for watching bubbles

Surrounded by our science, but unable to see it: experiments on the research ship Elisabeth Mann Borgese finally get started, as we track the journeys of trace gases in and out of the Baltic Sea.

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Expedition: EMB295
Mission: CenBASE
Start date: 30.06.2022
End date: 19.07.2022

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