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Blogs from our research cruises:


RV Elisabeth Mann Borgese: Expedition EMB295, 30th June - 19th July 2022

Where the Baltic Sea touches the sky - Air-Sea interaction in the Baltic Sea

RV Merian: Expedition MSM105, 11th January - 23rd February 2022

The Benguela System under climate change - Effects of Variability in physical forcing on carbon and oxygen budgets

RV Meteor: Expedition M174, 12 April - 31 May 2021

Ocean interfaces under global changes – Exploring the fate of the Amazon River plume

RV Maria S. Merian: Expedition MSM99, 25th February - 23rd March 2021

With the Maria S. Merian to the northern Baltic Sea: Research on the dynamics of winterly deep water circulation

RV SONNE: Expedition SO269, 2nd August - 3rd September 2019

With the SONNE to the South China Sea: Research in a natural laboratory under climatic and anthropogenic stress

RV MARIA S. MERIAN: Expedition MSM50, 6th - 29th January 2016

Young scientists report on the winter expedition with the research vessel MARIA S. MERIAN on the North and Baltic Seas

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