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The Benguela System under climate change - Effects of Variability in physical forcing on carbon and oxygen budgets

The second expedition within the EVAR project led again to the Benguela upwelling area off the coast of Namibia, this time on board the RV "Maria S. Merian".

From 11.01. to 23.02.2022 a team of scientists from IOW and MARUM will be off the coast of Namibia in the Benguela upwelling area. On this second cruise in the framework of the EVAR project, the team will investigate how the complex relationship of physical forcing, geochemical processes and microbial activities in the water and sediment changes in the course of climate change. Moreover the researchers investigate the resulting consequences for the release of greenhouse gases, the spread of oxygen minimum zones and the life of communities inhabiting the oceans sediment surface.

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18.02. - 24.02.2022 – Land in sight

The last week on board the Maria S. Merian has begun. This is the last blog post and we want to let you participate in life on board one last time.

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11.02. - 17.02.2022 – Off to new waters

After the stopover in Walvis Bay, we will head for Cape Verde for the remaining two weeks. On the way, we make another stop for sampling in the Angola Basin.

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11.02.2022 – By land we continue from Walvis Bay to Windhoek.

We accompany the leavers on their way to the airport and give a brief insight into Namibia's beautiful and diverse landscape.

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08.02. - 10.02.2022 – Back to Walvis Bay

The big packing begins. Four of us are already saying goodbye to the Merian and her crew and starting our journey home to Germany.

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06.02. - 07.02.2022 – It's slowly going back again

Slowly but surely the end of the first leg of the journey is approaching. We are heading north again and want to introduce you to the work of the trace gas group in a little more detail.

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02.02.2022 – Welcome to the south of the Benguela upwelling system

We have arrived in the southernmost study area. We report on our experiences here in the following article.

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01.02.2022 – Upwelling

Upwelling. Upwelling? - What is actually meant by that?

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27.01.2022 – Hydrogen sulfide – stinky, poisonous and yet at the same time an important source of energy for the giant bacteria living here.

Large amounts of the toxic gas hydrogen sulfide are formed in the sediments off Namibia’s coast. They threaten to diffuse into the water column and endanger the creatures living there. Fortunately, giant bacteria colonize the seafloor and convert most of the gas formed into harmless sulfur compounds.

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23.01.-26.01.2022 A storm is coming up

The calm days at sea are over for the time being. A storm has come up and is shaking us up. Nevertheless, of course, we continue to work steadily.

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21.01.-22.01.2022 Different water masses meet off Namibia

Today we would like to tell you something about the different water masses we are investigating. In addition, new measuring instruments will be introduced.

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19.01.-20.01.2022 Off to the north

The journey continues. The journey on the first transect of our trip is over and we set off north just before the border with Angola.

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16.01.-28.01.2022 We drop the covers, eh masks.

The anxiety is over: We are free of Corona and can finally take off our masks. Now we can go about our daily research without any restrictions.

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15.01.2022 Tracking the microbial communities

We are in the middle of working on the first transect of the drive and the next instruments are coming into use.

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13.01.-14.01.2022 The first sediment samples arrive on deck from the depths.

The first days at sea take their course.  We introduce you to two tools and the macrozoobenthic-group.

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12.01.2022 – We are setting out to sea

We give you a little insight into our first day at sea and introduce you to one of the most important working tools, the CTD.

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11.01.2022 – Our first day on board the "Merian"

We have made it, we are on board the "Merian". What happens on this first day at sea. You will also find out who we actually are and what the destination of the voyage is.

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09.01.-10.01.2022 – Off to Namibia - an adventurous journey begins

Finally, the long-awaited journey begins. We are curious to see how our journey will go.

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Expedition: MSM105
Mission: BUSUC 2
Start: 11.01.2022 - Walvis Bay
Ziel: 23.03.2022 - Mindelo


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