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The Benguela System under climate change - Effects of Variability in physical forcing on carbon and oxygen budgets

23.01.-26.01.2022 A storm is coming up

The last few days have been pretty rough. With wind forces of 6 - 9 Beaufort (22 - 47 knots, or 39 - 88 km/h), the "Maria S. Merian" has been rocking through the sea. And we with her. Some of us had to take travel tablets to suppress the nausea caused by seasickness. But the strong winds do have one good thing: the probability of upwelling, i.e. the buoyancy in the region, increases.

But what does the term "upwelling" actually mean? Unfortunately, you will have to wait a few more days to find out, as we are too busy with research work on board at the moment. Lächelnd


Text: Fabian J., Braun P. (both IOW)

Expedition: MSM105
Mission: BUSUC 2
Start: 11.01.2022 - Walvis Bay
Ziel: 23.03.2022 - Mindelo


RV Maria S. Merian: Current position

Information on the ship