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The Benguela System under climate change - Effects of Variability in physical forcing on carbon and oxygen budgets

19.01.-20.01.2022 Off to the north

We have finished our sampling program along the 23°S transect. Now the journey continues northwards. We can take a breath and gather strength and use the 2 - 3 days of travel to process our samples. Tonight, we are also catching up on our Icebreaker and a birthday together with the crew, which was not possible until our negative PCR test result and the associated restrictions. 


Text: Fabian J., Braun P. (both IOW)

Expedition: MSM105
Mission: BUSUC 2
Start: 11.01.2022 - Walvis Bay
Ziel: 23.03.2022 - Mindelo


RV Maria S. Merian: Current position

Information on the ship