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The Benguela System under climate change - Effects of Variability in physical forcing on carbon and oxygen budgets

09.01. - 10.01.2022 – Off to Namibia - an adventurous journey begins

We are more than happy! Despite the still tense pandemic conditions, we were able to start our journey to Namibia.

After a journey of about 20 hours, we finally reached Windhoek airport on Sunday morning. From there, after a short breakfast with coffee and snacks, we continued directly in two small vans towards Walvis Bay. However, we had to interrupt our journey after 30 minutes because the luggage trailer was not up to the weight of our luggage and the drawbar broke on a bump. Now we had to remain patient. A replacement was organised and after two hours a solution was finally found and we could continue our journey, but without our luggage for the time being.

The car ride was long and a bit uncomfortable, but it gave us wonderful impressions of Namibia's untouched nature and its wild animals. Besides springboks, a warthog and baboons, some of our colleagues were even able to spot two giraffes in the wild. Two small stops were made on the approximately six-hour drive, where we were able to strengthen ourselves with dried meat, a customary speciality of the country.

In the evening, around 7 pm, we finally reached our actual destination, the research ship "Maria S. Merian", where we were welcomed by an extremely helpful and friendly crew.


Text: Fabian J., Braun P. (both IOW)

Expedition: MSM105
Mission: BUSUC 2
Start: 11.01.2022 - Walvis Bay
Ziel: 23.03.2022 - Mindelo


RV Maria S. Merian: Current position

Information on the ship