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With the RV SONNE to the South China Sea: Research in a natural laboratory under climatic and anthropogenic stress

2.9.2019 - Views from our Chinese colleagues

Sailing together with colleagues from other cultures always leads to learning from and about each other.


26.8.2019 - Plankton collectors

Plankton is the basis of the marine foodweb. That makes it also interesting for us to take a look at it.


22.8.2019 – Life on board is not only about science

So far we have only reported about the work on board. It’s why we are on this ship and it certainly keeps us busy. But there is also life besides work – an important “glue factor” for our ship community.

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14.8.2019 – “Eyes and ears” on site: The mooring goes into the water

In the morning, the tension of everyone involved in the mooring work was tangible. No wonder, because such a mooring is about 1.5 kilometres long and it takes several hours until everything is in place.

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9.8.2019 – Great dirt work: Processing sediment samples

How are sediment samples processed so that they are not just dirt from the bottom of the sea, but a valuable glimpse into the past of the respective sea area?

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7.8.2019 – Science has started

In the early morning of August 6, we reached the study area and our first sampling station.

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3.8.-4.8.2019 – First weekend

It’s our first weekend on board and as we are still in transit to our working area, science quite hasn’t started. But we weren’t completely idle.

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29.7.-1.8.2019 – Singapore, here we are!

We made it! Finally, after many months of preparation, we arrived in on late Monday afternoon in Singapore, where our expedition to the South China Sea with R/V Sonne will start August 2.

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Expedition: SO269
Project: MEGAPOL
Start: 31.07.2019 - Singapur
Destination: 03.09.2019 - Hong Kong

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