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With the RV SONNE to the South China Sea: Research in a natural laboratory under climatic and anthropogenic stress

03.08-04.08.2019 First weekend

It’s our first weekend on board and as we are still in transit to our working area, science quite hasn’t started. But we weren’t completely idle. On Saturday, many were still busy setting up the labs and tweaking everything to be perfect. Some components of the mooring, which we will set up later with numerous sensors and other equipment, needed to be put together. We also had a first shake down and test of some of some instruments we will be using very frequently – after some weeks in the containers at high temperatures you better make sure that everything is in working order. We had a CTD test station and the multi closing net as well as the Pump-CTD also had the first dips in the water. So, with most of our equipment ready to go we could relax and enjoy the warm weather and looking out at the sea.

(Photos: IOW / R. Prien, please click for a larger view)

Expedition: SO269
Project: MEGAPOL
Start: 31.07.2019 - Singapur
Destination: 03.09.2019 - Hong Kong

Current position of RV Sonne

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