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Home run for the RV Maria S. Merian:
Research vessel sets off towards the Baltic Sea ice
for the "Deep Baltic" mission

23.03.2021 – Back on land

After three weeks at sea even a solid ground rocks, the body is too much trained to compensate the swell. Our team of 18 is now parting ways again - to Kiel, to Warnemünde, to Szczecin. But of course the cooperation continues and will certainly be found in joint publications soon. MSM99 has provided plenty of material for this!

Text: Barbara Hentzsch (IOW)
Photo: IOW | click photo to enlarge

Expedition: MSM99
Mission: Deep Baltic
Start: 25.02.2021 - Emden
Destination: 23.03.2021 - Emden


Maria S. Merian: current position


Research Vessel Maria S. Merian