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Current Theses

Ph.D. Theses

Paul Cwierz: Influence of scrubber technology on the chemical composition of ship emissions

Tassiana Serafin: Contribution of shipping emission to marine pollution

Jann-Gerrit Müller: Impact of natural organic matter on the fate of anthropogenic pollutants in the nearshore Baltic Sea

Completed Theses (since 2013)

Ph.D. Theses

Mo Zhou: Analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in the Baltic Sea

Marisa Wirth: Analysis of Organophosphorus Compounds in the Marine Environment, University of Rostock

Lisa Rönspieß: Importance of the lower Warnow for P-Concentrations, P-Transformations, P-Retention and P-Bioavailability, University of Rostock

Friederike Habedank: Analysis of organo phosphorus pesticides in surface and Baltic Sea water

Constantin Recknagel: Significance of organic Phosphorous Compounds for the Baltic Sea: Inositol Phosphates and Phospholipids, University of Rostock

Kathrin Fisch: Occurrence and transport of polar pollutants in coastal ecosystems, University of Rostock, 2018

Karoline Hammer: Effect of Organic Compounds on the Acid-base System of the Baltic Sea, University of Rostock, 2017

Janne Hähnel: Studies for the Characterization of novel Oil binding Materials and for the Determination of the Oil degradation Perfomance of a Microorganism Consortium from the Baltic Sea, University of Rostock, 2017

Wael Skeff: Polar Herbicides in the German Baltic Estuaries - Analysis, Occurrence and Effects, University of Rostock, 2015

David Meyer: Investigation of redox sensitive compounds in the pelagic redoxcline using in situ measurements, University of Rostock, 2013


Paul Cwierz: Determination of Methylphosphonic Acid in Water Samples near the Baltic Sea using Electrodialysis and GC-MS, University of Rostock

Maike Wilschnack: Development of an ASE-Method for the Detection of modern Contaminants in the particulate Phase, University of Rostock, 2019

Moritz Sievers: Studies for the Recovery of Bulk Parameters (DOC, DOP, DON) after the Electrodialysis of Seawater, University of Rostock, 2018

Marisa Wirth: Interactions between Marine Snow and Macondo Oil spilled during the Deepwater Horizon Accident, Universität Rostock, 2017

Eric Tollkühn: Optimization and Validation  of the Analysis of  Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Honey, Herbs and Infant Foods using HILIC-RP-LC-MS/MS, University of Rostock, 2017

Carina Deich: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Surface Waters of the oligotrophic North-East Atlantic, University of Rostock, 2016

Yvonne Düwel: Adsorption of Glyphosate, AMPA and Glufosinate to Baltic Sea Sediments, University of Rostock, 2016

Lina Westphal: Determination of Organotin Compounds in Sediments of the Baltic Sea, University of Rostock, 2015

Kathrin Fisch: Enrichment and Detection of Phenoxy-, Triazine-, Urea Pesticides and other Organic Contaminants in Water using SPE and HPLC-MS/MS, University of Rostock, 2014

Florian Cordes: Analysis of Pt, Re, Se and Te using Q-ICP-MS for the Reconstruction of Redox Conditions in Modern and Pre-Industrial Baltic Sea Sediments, University of Rostock, 2014

Eva Fritzsche: Determination of Organic Trace Compounds in the Baltic Sea by modern Mass Spectrometic Methods, Chemnitz University of Technology, 2013


Hannes Lüdtke: Investigations of the Seasonal Influence on the Concentrations of the Herbicide Glyphosate and its Metabolite AMPA in the Warnow River

Anna Pudelko: Optimization of individual Process Steps for the Automated Sample Preparation using Freestyle Xana in the Field of the Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds in Marine Environment,  Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden, March 2019

Julian Schade: Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sediments of the Black Sea, University of Rostock, 2014

Carina Deich: Method Development for the Determination of Particle-Bound Glyphosate in the Marine Environment, University of Rostock, 2014