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17.04.2021 – First days on board

On Saturday evening, 10th of April 2021, it finally happened: we arrived at the harbor of Las Palmas, Gran Canarias. After all this time, preparing for the cruise, we could hardly believe that we were finally there. The R/V Meteor was standing in front of us, her floodlit back deck dazzling us. But we don’t have a lot of time to be amazed. Each of us got assigned a cabin and was invited to have a bowl of warm soup. At half past 12, the excitement rapidly let place to tiredness, and everyone went to take some rest.

But enough of sleeping and sitting around! After a copious breakfast, we put our safety shoes on and started unpacking the containers. Everyone gave a hand to carry boxes up and down to the different laboratories. Little by little, a wide variety of experimental set up was installed. As the swell should never be underestimated, every instrument has to be secured.

Our instruments are not the only one that need to be settled and safe! Once every lab was arranged, we had our safety instructions: with lectures and life vests on deck. Then life on board started and between the tests of our set ups and the first stations, we are getting to enjoy the sea and the excited jumps of flying fishes and dolphins fleeing from the bow of the Meteor.

Text: Choisnard N., Umbricht J., Voss M. (all IOW)

Expedition: M174
Mission: MeNARP
Start: 12.04.2021 - Las Palmas
Destination: 31.05.2021 - Emden


Meteor: Current Position

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