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Alumni Geochemistry & Isotope Biogeochemistry Group

Since 2006:

PostDoctoral students: 9

PhD students:              7

Diploma students         6

MSc students:             6

BSc students:              17





(Inter)National Guests:

International:                8 (Brasil, China, Spain, Switzerland)

National:                      8


Part of the Alumnis:

BSc Christoph Malik (BSc student): Now Umweltplan, Greifswald

BSc Denise  Otto (BSc student): Now MSc  student, AWI, Bremerhaven

Dr. Carla Nantke (Postdoc): Now projects on lake ecosystems

Dr. Patricia Roeser (Postdoc): Now Assistant Prof., University of Bonn

Dr. Vera Winde (Dipl., PhD, Postdoc): Now Lab leader, Hydroisotop, Schweitenkirchen

Dr. Mary A. Zeller (Postdoc): Now Postdoc, MARUM, Bremen