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Unit Coastal Sea: Management and Planning

Research Area

The Research Programme 2013-2023 is the framework for all scientific activities. The Unit Coastal Sea – Management & Planning mostly addresses research focus 4 ‘Coastal seas and society’:

Human activities, interventions and measures in coastal and marine systems

Objective is to understand how the coastal and marine systems are influenced by human measures and interventions, to give advice how to minimize negative impacts and pressures on the ecosystem. The aim is to maintain major ecosystem services and to support a sustainable planning and management.

Implementation of marine and coastal policy

National and international environmental policy is an important challenge for science. We provide a sound scientific basis for the implementation of coastal and marine policies.

Regional Change – impacts, response and adaptation

Climate Change, increasing pressure by human activities, as well as land-use changes in the river basins directly and indirectly affect coastal and marine systems. Our assessment of future changes and their consequences on coastal and marine ecosystems provides the scientific basis for adaptation measures and provokes a future oriented management and planning.

Our research is focused on applied research driven by societal and political demands and in close co-operation with end-users and stakeholders. The multi-disciplinary approach maintains close co-operations with social, economic and engineering sciences as well as NGO’s and private enterprises. The focus is to ensure synergies and gain mutual benefits of scientific progress and practical experience. A thematic flexibility and a fast response to new challenges characterizes our work, which largely relies on external funding.

Research areas and contact persons

       Dr. Kerstin Schiele


       Ute Fensky
       Tel: +49 (381) 5197 101
       Fax: +49 (381) 5197 105