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Importance of the film formation at the air/sea interface for the transport and production of trace gases



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The properties of interphase boundaries in marine environment determinde the transport of matter between the different compartments. At the same time these interfaces provide physico-chemical conditions for prefered photochemical and microbiological transformations. In order o study the impact of organic surface active material on the inhibition of gas exchange and on the production of trace gases a project was initiated, which concentrates the studies of marine and atmospheric physico- and analytical chemists, physicists and microbiologists in four subprojects:

  • Subproject 1: Kinetics of film formation and impact on the diffucion of trace gases
    (IO Warnemuende, Uni Rostock)
  • Subproject 2: Chemical characterization and reaction in surface films
    (IO Warnemuende, IfT Leipzig)
  • Subproject 3: Microbiological production of trace gases
    (IO Warnemuende, IFM-GEOMAR Kiel)
  • Subproject 4: Microphysical model for exchange processes through film-covered surfaces
    (IO Warnemuende)


Our working group is involved in two subprojects:

Participants of the second FILGAS workshop at 15 December 2006 at IO Warnemuende