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Methodology & Equipment

Molecular analysis of microbial communities

- combined DNA/RNA extraction
- PCR and RT-PCR
- quantification by real-time PCR
- cloning
- DGGE and/or SSCP
- 454 pyrosequencing
- sequencing and phylogenetic grouping using ARB

Cell-specific analysis using

- FISH or CARD-FISH combined with image analysing system
- CARD-FISH combined with microautoradiography ("MICRO-CARD-FISH", or "MAR-FISH")
- flow cytometry and cell sorting


Growth based analysis

- enrichment experiments with natural communities
- cultivation and isolation of bacteria and protozoa


Activity analysis and measurements

- comparison between 16S genes at DNA and RNA level
- stable isotope probing of nucleic acids (RNA-SIP)
- heterotrophic bacterial production  by measurement of 3H-thymidine and/or 3H-leucine incorporation
- chemoautotrophic bacterial production by measurement of 14C-bicarbonate incorporation
- transformations within the nitrogen cycle (nitrification, denitrification) using 15N labelled ammonia and nitrate