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Working group Ecology of benthic organisms

The WG Ecology of Benthic Organisms deals with the investigation and assessment of the macrozoobenthos (= macrofauna living in and on the seafloor). A large section of our daily work involves sampling of various sediment types and inhabitants as well as the evaluation and analysis of benthic communities. Our team is involved in a variety of different projects dealing with the distribution, development and ecology of benthic species in North Sea and Baltic Sea, but also in more exotic waters such as the shelf regions off South-West Africa.

Applied research

AG Ökologie benthischer Organismen
Rügen 2023: v.l.n.r. F. Wolf, K. Günther, L. Treu, T. Henschel, K. Romoth, I. Schaub, S. Schubert, F. Martin, M.L. Zettler, D. Marx, A. Zettler, M. Gogina

Members of the working group

Dr. Michael L. Zettler (Leader of the WG)

Scientific Staff

Quality Assurance/Analytical Accreditation


Free Ecological Year

Kaja Günther (2023-2024)

Leon Treu (2022-2023)

Miriam Kohl (2021-2022)

Lilian Marie Meyer (2020-2021)

Hans Kiefer (2019-2020)

Greta Feddersen (2017-2018)

Maxime Johnen (2017)

Natalie Dallmann (2015)

Julius Schlumberger (2013-2014)

Technical Staff